A Good Friday Moment

Welcome friends! Today is Good Friday. Below is an offering of curated worship for you to take you on the journey ahead this day. Therefore let us enter into a time of listening, looking and reflecting on the stories for us this Holy Day. As you encounter each worship element take all the time you need with each before moving on.

Let us Pray…

As we begin, May God open our hearts to receive God’s message anew for us this day.


Let us open ourselves to this moment of reflection with In The Cross of Christ I Glory.

We listen for the Word of God from the Prophet Isaiah telling us of the Suffering Servant.

Isaiah 50: 4-9a

Psalm 22. My God, my God, Why have you Forsaken me?

A cry for mercy. Psalm 116, Sons of Korah

A Good Friday Meditation

John 13: 1-17, 31-35

As we listen to the reflection Rev Ann Key brings to us on today’s gospel reading we pray…

Lord open the eyes of my heart, so I may see you.
Open my ears so I may hear you speaking to me.
Open my heart & mind to be transformed as you so desire.

A little something extra for your Good Friday meditation: Christina Pluhar – L’Arpeggiata: Via Crucis

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