Rev Amanda Nicholas

Welcome to Growing Faith Down Under

Hi Friends,  my name is Amanda and I’m the founder of Growing Faith Down Under.

So let me tell you a bit about the project and how it came to be.

Before I began my theological studies more than a decade a go, I was passionate about creating and resourcing communities for exploring the Gospel and their faith stories in embodied experiences.  Using all of their senses.

When I was studying and in the formation process, I found myself struggling with trying to approach the subjects in the “typical” way.  I battled with my own feelings of call as I was unable often to express my thoughts in the “typical” prescribed way of written essays.  I often questioned my call as I felt way out of my depth.  I expressed a desire and calling to providing resources that were engaging in ways outside of what was “usual” practice.  My belief is that whenever we are creating something we are expressing our understanding of God and the way in which we are in relationship with God and the world.

It has been a dream and vision of mine for many years and I’ve created and shared with many individuals during that time.  BUT, in early 2021 the official confirmation of my own suspicion of being a Neurodiverse Adult, suddenly changed many things, made complete sense AND gave me the understanding  as to why this is an area I am so passionate about. AND made sense of why I had been able to produce all of these resources over the years but not been able to do anything more with it for more than a decade.

We are innately created beings who are made to embody experiences.

My calling is to this area of inclusivity in the provision of tools and resources for the discovery and deeping of our individual and collective relationship with God.  Keeping in mind the intention and attention of engaging with the diversity of learning styles and multiple intelligences to ensure that every person can have the stories of God expressed to them in easily accessible and meaningful ways to them.

May these pages and resources be a blessing for you as you seek to engage all in the Big God story through the discover and deepening of the relationship with Jesus through the embodiment of the stories of our faith and heritage.

Yours in Christ,