Nativity Story Stones

Creating and using story stones is a fantastic way to help people take any story from their mind into the full bodied experience. See below for my tutorial video and all the hints, tips and images from others creations as today we make story stones to tell of the birth of Jesus.

Video Tutorial on Story Stones

What are Story Stones? Why and How do we use them?

Story stones have been around for centuries. Pebbles or stones are carved or painted with images, words or symbols on them enabling someone to tell a story in their own words with the visual prompt.

Story Stones Benefits

  • Promotes Critical Thinking
  • Open-ended Play
  • Great Sensory Tool
  • Encourages Creative Thinking and Pretend Play
  • Hands-on Learning
  • Supports Physical and Social-Emotional Development
  • Can be used for teaching math, science, and language skills.
  • Encourages Literacy with Interactive Learning
  • Fun to Arts & Craft Project

Making Story Stones

Supply List:

  • Small flat rocks or pebbles (why not take a trip to the beach to collect your own set!)
  • Paint Pens
  • Sealer


  1. Pick a theme for your story stones.
  2. Using the paint pens to draw your theme on the rocks. Let dry completely.
  3. Seal rocks with a spray sealer to protect them from scratches and nicks.
  4. Pop them into a small calico bag for storing and easy travel.
  5. Let the fun begin!

Another method is decoupaging. Find and cut out small images on paper and brush on mod podge to decoupage the paper to the rocks. Even stickers is an easy solution!

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