Sunday 15th August 2021

Living Together in Love

Hi Friends, I’m so glad you made it back to join me again! Let me begin by welcoming you to worship with me today, it’s great that we can be here together.

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been sharing in the stories of Jesus being the bread of life. The one who feeds us, nourishes us, and gives us strength.

Today’s gospel continues in John chapter 6 talking about Jesus as the bread of life, and so we are scooting forward to the times of the early church, after Jesus had ascended back to heaven.  There was a guy called Paul and he travelled across the land to the ends of the earth (well almost) telling people about all that Jesus had done.  He was sharing what we call the gospel – the good news of Jesus Christ.

As it turns out Paul had been to a place called Ephesus and spent three years there with them.  Anyway, after a number of his trips, he landed in prison. See folks around didn’t like the kinds of things that he was saying.  All of this ongoing talk about Jesus was really upsetting the rulers of the day.  While in prison, Paul heard that things with the newly formed Jesus followers (the early church) in Ephesus weren’t travelling very well.  So Paul writes them a letter.  Not just any letter, but a letter helping to remind them of the new beings they now were that they lived as imitators of Jesus.  He wrote to them about what it means to be in community with one another AND reminded them about how now with new life in Christ we should all love one another and treat one another well.  His purpose was to strengthen them with his words about Jesus in the tough times they were experiencing.  To remind them of what Jesus says in the Gospel of John about being the one to provide all of the nourishment and food that they would need.

This is a story for us today, just as much as it is a story for the new christians all of those years ago.

Listen to the words Paul speaks and hear the call for us too in this moment.  use the I Wonder questions.  Each day pick a new one to think on as you recall the story from Ephesians again.

May the words of Paul strengthen your bond with Christ and may you live in your community according to the will of the Lord.

O Be Careful, a Jason Silver song

I wonder????

I wonder…What are the things that you like about living as part of a community?

I wonder…what are the things you don’t like about living as community?

I wonder….Have you said something to someone in your community that you know hurt them?

I wonder…Has someone from your community ever said something to you that hurt?

I wonder…Why Paul was writing this letter to this community of people?

I wonder…What do you think he wanted them to remember?

I wonder…Do you sing songs of praise to God?  Do you give thanks to God in everything?

I wonder…Do you understand what Paul was meaning by he will of the Lord?

I wonder…How can we live the will of the Lord?

I wonder…Are you ready to explore the story more in the activities and extra stories below??

I am, let’s go!

Decode Paul's Letter

Bring the Gospel to life in Colour

Draw what you see when you hear these verses

Draw a picture today of something you really like about a community you are part of.  Don’t forget to include things that help us to know why you like that community.

CrossWord Puzzle

Hey friends,  thanks for spending time with me in worship today.  You know Paul wrote some really cool things that help us to think about how we live with one another and be strengthened in our everyday.  Wait until you hear about the Armour of God he writes about!

I pray that this week in your communities that you are reminded of Paul’s words of encouragement.  Be kind to one another. Let Jesus lead your heart and your words  🙂

Let’s do this again soon.  I wonder what story will be next.

God Bless!

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