Sunday 1st August 2021

Fed and Nourished...

Jesus preaching to a children group cartoon character illustration

Hi Friends, I’m so glad you made it back to join me again! Let me begin by welcoming you to worship with me today, it’s great that we can be here together.

Today we have 2 Great Big God Stories to share.

The Gospel story is about a time when Jesus and the Disciples had just finished feeding thousands of people.  The crowd went back looking for Jesus because they were wanting to be fed. They had seen all that Jesus had just done with the enormous meal and they wanted Jesus to keep feeing them.  So Jesus fed them by telling them a very tricky truth to understand.  Jesus fed them and explained that if anyone comes to him hungry for more that he would not let them go hungry.

The second story is from a letter the Apostle Paul (he was a person who became a teacher of the stories of Jesus) that he wrote to the people living in a place called Ephesus.  They were needing to be reminded about what it means for them to be united as one in Jesus Christ. In saying things the way he did, he was reminding the people that even though we each look and act differently and have different ways about sharing in Jesus, we are all called to do that together, and so through the reminder of the way that Jesus feeds us from the gospel story today we too can grow and be fed and nurture one another so that we may all grow together in Unity and in love as is God’s desire for us.

Why don’t we start by checking out the Bible story for us in the video below.

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I wonder????

Sometimes the stories that we read in the Bible remind us that what Jesus says can be a bit tricky to understand. But!  If we look to him, he promises that we will never again go hungry or thirsty.

I wonder…Have you ever felt so very, very hungry?  It made me think of the song I learnt from playschool as a kid…I’m so hungry.

I don’t think I have ever really been that hungry.  I’ve always been well looked after.  What about you?  Do you know of any places in the world where people are very, very, very hungry?

I wonder…do you think Jesus feeds them?

I wonder…what do you suppose the people thought Jesus would do when they came back to him hungry for more food?

I wonder…how do you feel about the idea that Jesus feeds us with all that we need? What do you think that looks like?

I wonder…do you have a favourite bread?

I wonder…What feelings might describe this story?

I wonder…what words might describe this story?

I wonder…Are you ready to explore the story more in the activities and extra stories below??

I am, let’s go!

Flying High Uniting the Body

Draw what you see when you hear these verses

One...Word Count Puzzle

Jesus preaching to a children group cartoon character illustration

Unscrambling the Body

Hey friends,  thanks for spending time with me in worship today.  I hope you enjoyed the story as much as I did!  I pray that this week when you feel hungry, that it reminds you of the ways in which Jesus promises to feed us.

Let’s do this again soon.  I wonder what story will be next.

God Bless!

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