Sunday 25th July 2021 Narrative Lectionary

The Harvest

Let me begin by welcoming you to worship with me today, it’s great that we can be here together.

Today our Great Big God Story is all about the Vines and the Harvest.

Why don’t we start by checking out the Bible story for us in the video below.

Check Out Today's Scripture Reading

I wonder????

Sometimes the stories that we read in the Bible make us a bit confused.  in today’s story Jesus was helping the disciples to understand their relationship with him and with God using ideas from everyday life.  The vine and the branches.  The second story that goes with this today is from Galatians 5, The Fruits of the Spirit.

I wonder…how many of the fruits of the spirit can you recall without needing to look it up?

I wonder…do you think the disciples understood what Jesus was saying? Do you?

I wonder…what about the branches that don’t bear fruit?

I wonder…what kind of image might you use today to tell the same message about Jesus?

I wonder…what we might hear God saying to us about the way in which Jesus nurtures us?

I wonder…What feelings you use to describe this story?

I wonder…what words you use to describe this story?

I wonder…Are you ready to explore the story more in the activities below??

I am, let’s go!

Get Your Groove On

The Vine Grower Sliding Puzzle

Fruits of the Spirit

Draw Your Story Moment

Jesus, the True Vine

Hey friends,  thanks for spending time with me in worship today.  I hope you enjoyed the story as much as I did!

Let’s do this again soon.  I wonder what story will be next.

God Bless!

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