TWTR, RCL Year B, Pent 7 [15], 11th July 2021

Welcome poddies to Tea With Two Rev’s for 11th July 2021! I hope you’ve remembered your cuppa, bikkie and Bible today as we dig into the Gospel of Mark. Remember to check all the links in the show notes for extra goodies for you to explore this week.

Ann is on leave now and so today I am joined by the first of my guest co-hosts, Rev Elizabeth Raine from Tuggeranong UCA in the ACT. Elizabeth is passionate about the gospel and the role people of faith in disturbing the empire. Today’s reading from Mark’s gospel accounting the beheading of John the Baptist provides plenty for us to talk about!

Elizabeth is also passionate about Old Testament texts, so here is the reference to this week’s 2 Samuel reading about David.

Salome cradling the head of John of Baptist

Other items of interest this week, included the conversations around disrupting the empire and what we can do as people of faith in our every day living.

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