TWTR, RCL Year B, Pent 22 [27B], 3rd October 2021

Welcome to this week’s episode of Tea With Two Revs, joining me at the virtual coffee table today is Rev Linley Liersch from in my local neighbourhood! This week we being a 4 week journey into the book of Job as we wrestle with the ideas of suffering, where is God when it hurts and being angry.

Our readings from the lectionary for the week can be found here.

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“ When God sends us something good, we welcome it. How can we complain when he sends us trouble?”

Job 2.10

Things We Talked About To Click And Explore

A Few things about Linley ….
Born in rural Victoria, we had a farm at Raywood, I am and country girl at heart.
Raise in the city in the Glen Waverley UCA and youth groups were core to my growth as a young Christian. I am married to Barry Liersch who I met at the NCYC, now with two young adult children.
MOW with UCA, Currently working with PPW as Mission Development Strategist and Education discerning what the church of the future might look like.  On the staff of eLM (equipping Leaders for Mission). 

When not working you will find me walking the dog Rusty or doing arts and craft. I like to art journal bible readings trying to express the layers of meaning in the Living Word of scripture. I read and watch TV for escapism so often are murder mysteries and whodunit’s. My favorite color is purple.

This is my first podcast! (And we are so excited to have you here!!)

An Overview of Job according to the Bible Project

From Youtube Channel The Bible Project

The Cartoonist’s Bible, Steve Thomason shares a great message here from Job’s story.

The Cartoonist’s Bible, Steve Thomason’s Visual Commentary on Job

If you want to dig deeper into Job…

From the YouTube Channel The Bible-smith Project
Singer/Songwriter Laura Daigle, Trust in You
From YouTube Channel DonMoen TV

Daily Offerings for Dwelling in God’s Word

Pray As You Go

Sacred Space

Pathways To God This is a wonderful resource full of spiritual exercises you can practice to be fed and nourished.  I was particularly taken with this page which is an 31 day opportunity to meditate on God’s word using different Ignatian ways to pray.  Day 21 is an examen in gratitude.

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