TWTR, RCL Year B, Pent 8 [16], 18th July 2021

Welcome poddies to Tea With Two Rev’s for 18th July 2021! I hope you’ve remembered your cuppa, bikkie and Bible today as we dive further into the Gospel of Mark. Remember to click all the links for extra goodies for you to explore this week from our conversation.

Rev Elizabeth Raine from Tuggeranong UCA in the ACT joins me again for a second episode. Elizabeth is passionate about the gospel and the role people of faith in disturbing the empire.

Today’s reading from Mark’s gospel encourages us to really stop and take time to rest and revive in God following the example of Jesus and the disciples. This week’s conversation offers a number of application ideas for resting in God. See the links below for suggested ideas.

Weekly Readings

Full Lectionary Readings for the day linked here.

 “Come away to a deserted place all by yourselves and rest a while.” 

Mark 6: 31

Links to Explore for Application

Edge of Enclosure

Sacred Space Daily Prayer

Meditation Videos

The Christian Meditator

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